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As you read before, Mz DeeVa is becoming a household name in the world of web Talk Radio fans! She is pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Guidance Counseling and uses any spare time to Volunteer around the community, as well as dedicating her time to her annual SGT Shields Memorial Ride and 'Love the Skin You're In' seminar, each event now taking off to a road tour in the upcoming years.

Her passion is counseling, sharing advice with single men/women and couples worldwide! With over 15 years of experience, she also shares advice with our youth on finding the right and positive paths to follow in the world of careers, relationships and beyond!

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October 2010:

From: Single and Saved

Random question...when a guy that I'm just getting to know starts calling me "sweetie", "hon" feels weird to me. Am I just socially (romantically) awkward???

Mz DeeVa:

Hey there Single and Saved!

I LOVE that question! Truth is, a real woman will instantly feel awkward because pet names with an intimacy touch, should be reserved for the someone special God sends in your life! In public, if he were to slip and do that, people will think something is going on (prematurely)...!

Intimate pet terms should be RESERVED for when there is clarity that this is a RELATIONSHIP! (Smiling)...It so bothers me when men call me 'baby' or 'honey' in professional evironments! Now, 'sweetie' is a Texas bad habit, lol, so it (sweetie) skips the rule here! :)


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